Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dynamics CRM 2011 : C# Code for Assigning Security Role to a User

In Dynamics CRM 4.0 AssignUserRolesRoleRequest method was available to assign Security Roles to User but in CRM 2011 this method has been removed and no longer any special method is required to assign the Security Role to users, Security Roles are associated with Users via N:N relationship (relationship name: systemuserroles_association). So now in CRM 2011 we can use AssosiateRequest to assign the security roles to the user programmatically.
[C# Code]:

The following C# code can be used to assign Security Role to a User.

    public void AssignSecurityRole(Guid prmUserId, Guid prmSecurityRoleId, IOrganizationService prmCrmWebService)
        // Create new Associate Request object for creating a N:N link between User and Security
        AssociateRequest wod_AssosiateRequest = new AssociateRequest();

        // Create related entity reference object for associating relationship
        // In our case we will pass (SystemUser) record reference 
        wod_AssosiateRequest.RelatedEntities = new EntityReferenceCollection();
        wod_AssosiateRequest.RelatedEntities.Add(new EntityReference("systemuser", prmUserId));

        // Create new Relationship object for System User & Security Role entity schema and assigning it
        // to request relationship property
        wod_AssosiateRequest.Relationship = new Relationship("systemuserroles_association");

        // Create target entity reference object for associating relationship
        wod_AssosiateRequest.Target = new EntityReference("role", prmSecurityRoleId);

        // Passing AssosiateRequest object to Crm Service Execute method for assigning Security Role to User


  1. Hello, I want remove the Security Role from an already existing user. Any idea how we can do that using C# code in CRM 2011 SDK.

  2. Hi Madhukar,

    You can remove the user already assigned security role via DisassociateRequest as mentioned in this blog post:

  3. hi can we create user in online crm...

  4. Hi,

    You can create a user from Settings-> System-> Administration-> Users, click on New button, enter user details and save record. You may also refer:

    If you want to create users using SDK then you can create it using CrmWebservice Create method or using CreateRequest

    Entity wod_UserEntity = new Entity("systemuser");

    wod_UserEntity["firstname"] = "First Name";

    wod_UserEntity["lastname"] = "First Name";

    wod_UserEntity["businessunitid"] = new EntityReference("businessunit", BusinessUnitGUID);

    // For complete list of user entity OptionSet values, you may refer:

    wod_UserEntity["caltype"] = new OptionSetValue(0);

    // You have to pass values into system required (valid for create)and application required attributes, for required systema ttributes you may also refer:


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  6. Hi,
    Is it possible to run / invoke crm plugin from webservice or web portal?