Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Named as 56th Most Influential Professional of Microsoft Dynamics for 2013 by Dynamics World Community

I am honored to say that I am named as 56th Most Influential Professional of Microsoft Dynamics for 2012 by Dynamics World Community, this year there were total of 450 final nominations. Thank you everyone for nominating me and i hope to continue my contributions to Dynamics CRM and AX communities.
Announcement by dynamicsworld.co.uk
The Most Influential People in Microsoft Dynamics for 2013 is based on a number of criteria, and with more than 30 000 unique voters and nearly 400 000 votes in total the annual list is now firmly established in the Microsoft Dynamics consciousness. More criteria information is available
We base our selections on a number of criteria including: Number of nominations received; Number of Microsoft Dynamics employees employed; Number of clients your ISV/VAR has; As an end user how many user licences taken; Social Media Followers (bloggers/twitter/ linkedin) (bonuses for group owners); Number of years experience of Microsoft Dynamics; MVP Recipients; Developers of Add-Ons and new verticals; Speakers and writers about Microsoft Dynamics; Forum contributors and Number of votes received. We attempt to limit what can actually be described as a sphere of influence. The advantage that we have had in quantifying influence in Microsoft Dynamics is that we are dealing with a group of people with similar interests, and so it is possible to be able to quantify one persons influence over the group against another person’s influence.

In 2012, I was named as 48th Most Influential Professional

Thank you for your compliments.